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Making the most of natural resources.....

Oh no!.......not another high cost bottle of water from some obscure hole in the ground dressed up for the pretentious when everyone knows that most of us can’t tell the taste difference between this and tap water.

Maybe this is a little different.

Hot day, heavy session in the gym, too much red antioxidents in a glass the night before or maybe just early morning kick start. Have you ever turned to the old staples of energy drink or something sticky in a colourful can? How many of us wander in to work with the usual caffeine kick firmly in one hand and our briefcase in the other.

You could just turn on the tap and put your head under it, but let’s face it, the filtered contents of the nearest river may not be your favourite flavor, and it’s rarely advertised as being good to your body.

How about something completely different? Using the latest natural food technology we have isolated a range of organically grown herbs which are recognised as having a naturally beneficial effect. We have added them to spring water to bring you something unique, tastefully different on the palate and a whole heap better than caffeine - Welcome to HerbWater®.

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